K1ds Count

At K1ds Count our mission is to S.E.R.V.E. together!

Selflessness: At K1ds Count, we cultivate a culture of servant leaders who put others above themselves. We have a team of talented professionals who are leaders that put kids, families, team members, and our community first.

Empathy: Daily, we try to put ourselves in the shoes of the families we serve. We can better serve our families when we take time to listen to their story and understand each child’s strengths and challenges. Similarly, we foster an environment of shared values and empathy for our therapists.

Resource: At K1ds Count we want to be a resource to our families, schools, and the whole community.  We take every opportunity we can to serve.  K1ds Count hosts a variety of community events including Donuts with Santa, Bubble Day, Fall Fest, Tee Ball Day, and our Crawfordsville Fair.  We volunteer with Star Soccer, local food drives, work closely with Brownsburg Parks and Rec, and hold a continuing education Summer Institute for the schools.  We look forward to continuing our mission and finding new ways each year to serve our community!

Value: At K1ds Count, we value our families and our teammates.  It is important that we know each family and individualize treatment to fit their needs, and we could not do that without a diverse and engaged team. We truly value our team and invest into their personal and professional development, culture, and relationships to create the most positive work experience possible.  Together we holistically serve each child and value collaboration between all of our therapy disciplines.

Encourage: We provide continuous encouragement to the child, family, and each other on our journey to reach each child’s highest potential. It is an essential part of our mission that people leave K1ds Count feeling encouraged, optimistic, and hopeful about their future.

We serve TOGETHER! At K1ds Count, you will find a team that is like family.  We could not accomplish our goals without one another.  At K1ds Count, a team of registered behavior technicians (RBTs), board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs), speech therapists, occupational therapists,  physical therapists, school counselors, and psychologists collaborate, serve, and positively impact children, families, schools and the community together!